By Inner guidance coach Rosa Maria Kallas
From the perspective of a Life Coach.

Is Life coaching a joke?

From the perspective of a life coach.

By Inner Guide Coach, Rosa Maria Kallas

People always ask me about Life Coaching; what is it really? And how can a Life Coach help?!

The wording is a bit grandiose, isn’t it? ... When I first received my certifications, I felt a little awkward saying: “I am a Life Coach!”…What does that even mean?

Does it mean I have a grasp on life! That’s a bit too much, wouldn’t you agree?

Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t have to be “crazy,” or having a meltdown to go to therapy. At the same time, therapy isn’t usually necessary for every little struggle you are going through.

Sometimes, all you need is a solid support system of friends and family.

I came back to Lebanon in 2014 when only few people had ever heard about Life Coaching. I remember funny incidents back then when, for instance, someone lifted their shirt to show me a skin rash they were having in the middle of the airport lounge, thinking I was a “doctor”. Another couple rushed to get their kid who was recently diagnosed with ADHD so I can give them my opinion thinking I was a psychologist. The best of all those stories was when people thought I was a gym coach and then looked at my thighs with disbelief!

Yes! It was fun, when no one knew. Afterwards so many certification courses started happening and suddenly everyone became a life coach which confused people even more!

Some people thought getting these certifications would help them earn quick and easy money from sharing their personal opinion and ideas with others, and some took it upon themselves, as their calling to save humanity and lead others towards the light of wisdom… their own wisdom that is, of course!

It is kind of funny but also a little bit sad. All those misinterpretations of something so deep-rooted in self-development when practitioners must work on themselves by developing their own universal sense of responsibility and service.

“A Life Coach is someone trained to guide you based a set of questions and exercises in order for you to realize and achieve your personal and professional goals.”

As simple as that.

How do you know when it is time for you to consult a Life Coach?

#1 When you feel confused and unsure about taking decisions.

Often times we tend to get confused when faced with a decision we have to make. Our past experiences may have led us to doubt our ability to make the right choice. So we ask around and get contradictory advice or we might not even have anyone close we can trust. In this case, a Life Coach can guide you towards gaining clarity and to empower you with the ability to walk your path surely and freely.

#2 If you are in a transitional phase.

A transitional phase in your life could be a time when you are changing jobs or when your relationships status is going through a change. Every transitional phase is an opportunity to transform and grow. A Life Coach would help you gain clarity about the different stages of transition and walk you through them consciously.

#3 When you feel sad and demotivated.

Usually, the feelings of sadness and demotivation are linked to either living a life that does not fulfill your needs or falling into a downward spiral where the same scenario keeps on repeating itself again and again and you feel stuck. A Life Coach can you offer you the tools you need to propel yourself forward.

#4 When you Feel angry or “not yourself.” Abusing drugs, alcohol, or sex.

Anger arises when emotions get suppressed. An NLP Life Coach can guide you into re-wiring your reactions. Instead of getting angry, abusing substances and people, you will gain a different outlet to channel your anger as well as a different perspective and a reactional approach.

#5 When you’ve lost someone or something important to you.

No one can get accustomed to loss, or else they would be diving deeper into depression thinking it is detachment. How can you know the difference and how can you let go of the pain? It is an uncomfortable and somewhat painful transformational process and a Life Coach can help you gain a different understanding of life and its dynamics. Nothing gets lost. Everything gets transformed.

#6 When you are ready for a new start.

Most of us can’t seem to achieve our dreams or to live the life we hope for simply because we don’t relate to it. It is either a life we think we should be living that is utopic by nature and very hard to achieve or a life we don’t truly believe we deserve. It could just be that we don’t know what it takes or what would it feel like if we had it. With a Life Coach you can start by aligning your habits to meet your dreams.

Life Coaching is neither for clinical diagnosis nor for severe mental illnesses. Most people benefit from short-term goal-oriented therapy to address a specific issue or interpersonal conflict or even to get out of a rut or just to make a major life decision. The opportunity to talk uncensored to an unbiased professional without fear of judgment or repercussions can be life-changing.

You may have great insight into your own patterns and problems. You may even have many of the skills to manage them on your own. Still, there may be times when you need help – and the sooner you get it, the faster you can get back to enjoying life.

Every moment is a new possibility,

Authentically yours.

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