I remember feeling trapped, broken - Feeling like I wasn’t enough, feeling like there was something missing in my life, missing in me, have you ever felt that way?

Early on I decided to fix myself, believing there was something wrong with me. I laid out plans to get the sexy body - the perfect life - the successful career and the most loving relationships...

It all started when I decided
to fix myself and it didn't

So I went searching, wanting to fill that void, from one diet to another [I tried them all]. From one country to another [ I never wanted to be home for too long]. From one Guru to another [Aum Hallelujah!]. From one degree to another ... I was on a constant search trying to find that missing piece that would make me feel whole again, that missing ingredient that would make my dreams, reality.

What if I do more of this, or more of that, are you an overachiever as well? The more forward steps I took the further away my dreams looked - I ended up overweight - underpaid - unproductive and the worst of it was, I ended losing faith … in myself!

I started drifting away from my friends, saying no to social gathering. I was ashamed to be seen at times. Food and alcohol became the concrete proof that relief from everyday pain was possible. Trapped inside a body that wasn’t mine, inside a vicious cycle always dragging me back to point zero.

I hit rock bottom and there was nowhere else to go except deeper into my own sorrow, deeper into my own pain into those frozen places inside of me I was so afraid of, and it was at that moment that I realized…
“I” … was bigger than my pain.

The moment I stopped fixing myself was the moment I started

Just like that! I felt my own strength, from inside of me, I connected to a place that was neither broken from disappointments nor hurt by judgments and from that space I tried all the methods I have learned, seeing what worked and what didn’t.

Since then, I have created many programs mixing what I have learned with what I have experienced with the sole purpose of guiding people back to balance, by reconnecting them with themselves, mind, body, heart and soul.

If you feel you’re not enough, trapped inside of a body, a life and habits that aren’t yours and you want to break free, then let’s talk!

I offer, completely free, assessment calls to all brave souls who want to free themselves from their own limitations, and live a passionate, connected, and meaningful life.


I’m Rosa Maria Kallas, I am an Inner Guide and I am here to help you go back to balance, regardless of the why, where and how, regardless of what you were told you should be or should dream about, I am here to help you remember who you are