Self Healing

8 Steps to Self Healing

Learn the 8 Steps to Self Healing formula, become your own coach!

8 Steps to Self Healing

Do you often reflect over your life? Are you interested in finding the causes binding you to a life you do not want?

If you’re a self-development enthusiast, a coach, a psychologist or a healer and you want to gain a new set of skills to help heal yourself or your clients, this program is perfect for you!

Train yourself in the 8 Steps to self healing coaching formula and experience a shift in your field of energy.

A set of 8 questions that came to me on an evening when I was triggered to compulsively start eating and looking at the open fridge, aware of this compulsion, I started asking myself this set of questions, without knowing where each one would lead. When I reached the final answer, I experienced my whole body shiver, as if a field of energy shifted within me, and I understood that these 8 questions were channeled right then and there and are meant to be taught.

In Just 4 weeks you’ll become a Weight Loss Wizard!

This is my wish for you, in just 4 weeks you will get initiated into this introspective healing process.

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Rosa Maria Kallas

Inner Guide Coach

Rosa Maria is a Life Coach, a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, a certified and licensed NLP Master Practitioner and a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach. From an outspoken child to a rebellious teenager, it wasn’t before university years that Rosa Maria’s talents found their outlet. She graduated on top of her class with a master’s degree in graphic design where her out-of-the box approach got highly awarded.

Although she has a background in arts, Rosa Maria discovered that her passion lies in not only finding solutions for brands, products and companies but wanting to find solutions for people, exploring the world and seeking authenticity within every encounter she makes.

Rosa Maria is an explorer by nature, her quest for knowledge had led her to travel to many countries, experience different cultures, beliefs, and remedies.

Today she mixes her professional background with her life experience to guide people back to balance by restoring their connection with their body, heart, mind, and soul for a passionate, connected and meaningful existence.

Rosa Maria is an international speaker, bestselling author and offers workshops, events and retreats inviting people to reconnect with themselves so they can overcome their challenges, align with their purpose and manifest their heart’s desires.


 #1 Amazon Best Selling Co-Author

Ignite-Female Change Makers, was voted #1 on Amazon Best sellers list in 26 Categories and 9 Countries.

International Speaker

Rosa Maria holds many lectures on self-development around the world.

Founder of Brainswitch

Corporate training company in Emotional management & Emotional Intelligence.

Certified Life Coach & Certified NLP Master Practitioner from the Society of NLP/ RICHARD BANDLER

For over a decade, Rosa Maria has guided many back to balance by reconnecting them with their inner power & innate wisdom.

Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach & EQ Assessor from GENOS INTERNATIONAL

Rosa Maria is a lead trainer in emotional intelligence and emotional management in the workplace.

Certified Weight Management Coach

Having dealt with emotional eating herself, Rosa Maria mixes her own experience with the tools she has gained in order to help others break free from food control and weight cycling.

NGH Certified & Licensed Hypnotherapist

Rosa Maria has been a hypnotherapist for over 7 years with extensive experience in release past traumas and self-healing processes.

“Become the hero of your own story”

The Curriculum

This Program is designed to help you break the vicious cycle of weight gain trapping you in a body that isn’t yours. Set yourself free using this 8 steps module.  Shift your dynamic from food therapy to personal healing today. 

You are responsible for your own life. You have taken responsibility for everything and everyone around you and today I am asking you if you are ready to take responsibility for yourself, your own health, vision and dreams. Breathe in, it’s ok! Together we will discover your core motivation, your driving force and utilize it to create the future vision you desire. [Step 1 Emotional Awakening | Step 2 Emotional Release | Zoom Live Meeting ]

Face the voice inside of your head that keeps sabotaging you from progressing. Learn the 3rd and 4th step and take part in a powerful self-reprogramming technique that works on your unconscious mind, freeing you from your inner critic forever! [Step 3 Meet your inner critic | Step 4 Reframe your inner critic | Zoom Live Meeting ]

Recognize what is holding you back, learn the 5th and 6th step and take part in a powerful self-reprogramming technique that reframes your limiting beliefs and integrates a new understanding in your system for effortless weight loss. [Step 5 Where are my limitations | Step 6 cutting the chords| Zoom Live Meeting ]

Congratulations, now you are not only equipped to heal yourself but others around you as well. The 8 steps coaching formula for weight loss is now an active part in your existence, helping you face any and all obstacles you might come across. [Step 7 Core change | Step 8 internal healing | Zoom Live Meeting ]

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You are bigger than your pain

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