Emotional Eating

7 Keys to Weight Mastery

Are you ready to lose weight and become strong enough to maintain it naturally? If YES, then this program is perfect for you. Reprogram your unconscious mind with 7 different dynamics today!

7 Keys to Weight Mastery

Are you ready to lose weight and become strong enough to maintain it naturally?

The weight loss industry has trapped many into believing that the next diet routine or appetite suppressant is the solution and maybe it was a solution for some people, but if you're still struggling with overeating or emotional eating, know that, You Are Not Alone!
Freedom from food restrictions, diets, weight cycling, overeating and emotional eating, does exist!

Ready to stop obsessing over food and experience a life free from restrictions?

The 7 Keys for Weight Mastery program is a 7-week workshop that offers you freedom, and autonomy.
Learn new and innovative techniques that have helped many, struggling just like you, to balance their hunger levels and control their overeating, while healing from their food addictions and the need to constantly try new dieting regimes. This program activates the power of your mind and re-connects you with your natural hunger signals so you can start living a life true to yourself and in alignment with your heart’s desires.

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Rosa Maria Kallas

Inner Guide Coach & Weight Management Coach

Hi, I'm Rosa Maria Kallas. I'm an Inner Guidance and Weight Management Coach and I have struggled with emotional eating myself before discovering the specific methods I’ve carefully combined in this workshop. I have developed this program with the intention of helping anyone looking to drop the physical and the emotional weight holding them back from living their lives to its fullest potential.


 #1 Amazon Best Selling Co-Author

Ignite-Female Change Makers, was voted #1 on Amazon Best sellers list in 26 Categories and 9 Countries.

International Speaker

Rosa Maria holds many lectures on self-development around the world.

Founder of Brainswitch

Corporate training company in Emotional management & Emotional Intelligence.

Certified Life Coach & Certified NLP Master Practitioner from the Society of NLP/ RICHARD BANDLER

For over a decade, Rosa Maria has guided many back to balance by reconnecting them with their inner power & innate wisdom.

Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach & EQ Assessor from GENOS INTERNATIONAL

Rosa Maria is a lead trainer in emotional intelligence and emotional management in the workplace.

Certified Weight Management Coach

Having dealt with emotional eating herself, Rosa Maria mixes her own experience with the tools she has gained in order to help others break free from food control and weight cycling.

NGH Certified & Licensed Hypnotherapist

Rosa Maria has been a hypnotherapist for over 7 years with extensive experience in release past traumas and self-healing processes.

“Become the hero of your own story”

The Curriculum

This Program will heal your relationship with your body, balance your hunger levels and release all blocked emotions holding you back from maintaining a stable weight for a well-balanced, healthy, and happy life.

Everything you have gone through matters: your story, your beliefs, and your dreams. You can't really know what you want until you know where you are and where you have been. Reflect on your past, on your weight, and get ready to discover the layers of struggle that are holding you back.

You know where you want to go. You have dreamt about it. You have envisioned it. You can recognize it in other people, but you haven’t managed to get there yet! Breathe in, it’s ok! Together we will discover your core motivation, your driving force and utilize it to create the future vision that is unique to you.

You were born in this body. You live and you experience life through your body. Yet, you haven’t really listened to your body before it is time for you to activate your natural hunger instincts and balance your cravings! Open your mind and allow your body to be your guide.

We live in a world that encourages us to diet, encourages us to deprive ourselves to rely on appetite suppressants and crash diets. It was never about the food. Let’s focus on you and the reason driving your food choices. It is time for you to reconnect with yourself.

Your hunger urges say a lot about you and about your life. Each person has a hidden potential, a force they feel but they might not be ready or able to express. You are a multidimensional being with thousands of probabilities linked by a common intention! Learn how to balance your life and your cravings will naturally balance themselves.

Maybe you believe in discipline and rules, and you are confident in your life. But when it comes to food and restricting yourself you feel powerless, burdened, and ashamed! It is time to work through that guilt, forgive and forget.

Have you ever wondered what the secret of naturally thin people is? Discover that place inside of you that is stable, all knowing and doesn’t get disturbed by life’s unpredictable circumstances and instabilities.

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  • By: Student User
    1 year ago

    Good cousre

You don’t need one more thing to control you, what you need is Freedom

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